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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Tubular RaceBolt Equal to a Grade 5 or Grade 8 Bolt?

Answer:  While there is no rating system for these bolts, they withstand vibration, have good stretch and elasticity, and are similar to a Grade 5 bolt, which is preferred in most racing applications.

Q: How much Weight can I Save?

Tubular RaceBolts are Typically about half the weight of solid steel, the bigger the bolt the more you save.

Q: How do Tubular RaceBolts Compare to the Weight and Cost of Titanium Bolts?

Answer: Weightwise, they are very comparable, but costwise, RaceBolts are very affordable, a small fraction of the cost of Titanium bolts.

Q: Do Tubular RaceBolts Need to be Torqued?

Answer: Yes, any fastener should be torqued - tubular or solid.
Recommended Torque Specifications for RaceBolts are:

Size Ft. Lbs. of Torque Size Ft. Lbs. of Torque
3/8" 24-26 5/8" 50-55
7/16" 34-36 3/4" 55-60
1/2" 42-44    

Q: How are RaceBolts Made?

Answer:  We use only 4130 chrome moly tubing.   First, tube is cut to its finished length.  Threads are then rolled onto tube and diameters are ground.  After tube is properly prepared the heads are threaded onto the tube and welded.  After final assembly the RaceBolt is sent to heat treating.  (Heat treating dramatically increases the bolts toughness.)  The RaceBolt is then plated for superior corrosion resistance.

Q:Why do you use Rolled Threads?

Answer:  Rolled threads are much stronger than cut threads.  Rolled threads are also very smooth and help reduce material galling.

Q:Why not just drill my solid bolts?

Answer:  When you drill a bolt there are three inherent problems:
1.) The drill will always wander off to one side, thinning the material on that side - which causes a weak bolt, which will break.  By using tubing we insure consistent wall thickness and strength.
2.) The drill will leave tool marks inside the hole, further weakening the bolt.   The tubing we use is DOM (drawn over mandrel) and has a smooth ID surface.
3.) Solid bolts are rolled into their shape.  When you drill a bolt, you cut down through the grain and damage the structural integrity of the bolt.  The tubing we use is drawn and therefore we do not disturb the grain structure of the material.

Q: I need a few bolts and don't see my size listed.  Can you make them for me?

We would like to help, but we need to make large quainties to keep the costs down.  We cannot make special sizes in small quantities.  Please do let us know of the special size you are interested in and the application.  If we see a growing need for that size, we will consider adding to our line.